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  1. I'm trying to simulate the transfer of fixed volumes of fluid from one container to another. Hyperskill does not currently support fluid transfer processes. A simulation (or facsimile) material handling transfer process could mimic an actual pipetted fluid transfer process. As we discussed in a recent training session this could be simulated by utilizing a transfer device (in this case the blue pipette) that would acquire a fixed volume from a location ( the yellow cube on the top of the stack on the LHS of the table in this case) and transfer the volume to a new location on the RHS of the table. This would be repeated until the volumes were transferred to the new location on the RHS of the table (with the blocks being stacked in reverse order on the RHS side of the table). In our discussion it was suggested that "collide" would be an appropriate choice as the transfer function. I have tried a number of times to implement the collide function without success. Could you kindly provide the state and transfer logic to accomplish the above task. This appears to be a simple modification of the Tower of Hanoi example used in the training session; however, I've been unable to make it work and it is a necessary concept that is important for any and all fluid transfer processes. I'll pass edit control of the simulation and pipette VO to you. Thx.
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