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Latest build updates

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"Hello everyone, 
Here are the new build updates:

1. New VR build v1.48.40:
To access the latest VR build, follow these steps:
  • Open the Meta Quest app on your mobile device connected to VR.
  • Go to the Store and search for 'HyperSkill'.
  • Select the appropriate search result.
  • Scroll down to 'Additional Details' and click on 'Version'.
  • Change the channel to 'Alpha' for the latest version.
  • Go back and click on 'Launch'.
New changes in Latest VR Build:
  • MR Use Release
  • MR Proximity
  • MR Ungrab
  • MR SA Highlight
  • MR SA Particle Controller
  • MR Rejected Intent
  • MR Conversation Event
  • MR Trigger Wait
  • MR Chit-chat available
  • MR Agents available
  • Tabbed skillful catalogue
  • Skillful sims now load with their name vs sim name


2. New Desktop & Staging build v1.48.33:
  • For Desktop: Download the latest build from the provided drive link.
  • For Staging: Access the latest build using the provided link."
New Changes in Latest Desktop and Staging Builds:
  • Chit-chat now gives better descriptions when an error occurs
  • Text-To-Speech will timeout when it takes too long to generate a response
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