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Query Regarding ASME E-FEST Competition - Ocean Cleanup

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Original query came from a competitor through email. Please post such queries on the forum in the future.

I am writing to seek clarification regarding the ASME E-Fest, specifically in relation to the Ocean Cleanup competition. I have the following questions:

1. Will the trash be solely located on the surface of the sea, or could it also be present at deeper depths?
2. Is it permissible for the designed vehicle to be collapsible or foldable?
3. Does the sea has physical characteristics, such as waves or currents? We are considering designs that involve the generation of vortices or utilizing suction from the sea, and we would like to ascertain their feasibility in the simulation.
We'd really appreciate a quick response to these questions. It'll help us make sure our project submissions are on point.


1. Yes the trash could be below the surface of the water.
2. You are free to customize the design of the vehicle in whichever way you wish as long as it meets the size requirements.
3. The sea does not have the physical characteristics you are asking about such as waves or currents. It will solely be propelled by the code you write for it which will have it move about without regard for currents/waves. Your design can still reflect what you spoke about for movement but it will not affect the units propulsion in the simulation.
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