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Query regarding amount of trash and design software

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Greetings, I have three doubts about the competition:
- First of all, Will the garbage be found randomly throughout the environment, or mainly on the surface?
- We have designed our vehicle on Solidworks, We designed it according to the measurements provided in the requirements, and we reduced the size by scaling it down. We would like to know what scale we should use to prevent being penalized]
- What scale will be used for the trash in the competition? In our simulation, we need to scale the trash to 3 in order to detect it accurately.

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Hi there Diego,

The garbage will be found randomly throughout the environment, both on the surface and below. It will not be placed in hard to reach places (like in a cave or anything like that) so finding the trash shouldn't be difficult.

For the vehicle size as long as it fits in the environment (in the loading bay at 0,0,0 of the OceanCleanup_Reef space) at a scale of 1 for all values.

That is interesting. I did a test version of this where I had my own version navigate through the space and, while not quick, did manage to find all of the trash I had placed in the environment at a scale of 1. If you would like, I can look into this by having you share your asset with me and I will put it into the scene with my own test and see if I can get more information on what may causing the issue. If the scale truly needs to be changed adjustments will be made but my test of these systems did not encounter this issue. I have sent you a direct message which would allow me to follow up with your query.

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