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Bug 3D Model and States

Well Gomes

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Hello, I tested the Desktop version and the WebGL version and found 2 problems in both versions.

When adding an object to the scene, save and press play, the scale and position of the objects changes and throws the objects out of the scene. The second problem I encountered, when trying to add a new state, it will not be added to the scene. Left mouse button doesn't add it to the scene, I tried every keyboard combination and still can't add a new state.


video: https://streamable.com/zawfeo

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Hi Well, that is an interesting error. Objects shouldn't be moving after being placed from their editor versioning provided that you aren't adjusting their position via snapping or through the entry state actions. What objects are you adding that are behaving this way?

For adding states, I'm only able to replicate your issue by not left clicking in the Scenario Flow Canvas after adding the state. I am able to left click the "+ State" button, then left click anywhere on the Canvas to drop the state. Also, right clicking, selecting "Add State" then left clicking to drop it works for me as well. If I right click the state will not be dropped and will instead delete it similar to what I am seeing in your video. If you are doing the above and are getting the same result can you let me know? 

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Posted (edited)

In the videos below, I show my problems. Adding any object to the scene and saving it and then going to Play, it loses the reference. Happens on Desktop and WebGL.

Video 1 (ADD Objects): https://streamable.com/2777qp

Video 2 (Play Scene) https://streamable.com/356xfb

As for the Add new State issue, it doesn't work at all. I try right clicking to open the submenu and add state and then left clicking to release mo Graph and it doesn't work the same way. I also tried all keyboard and mouse combinations to see if any results appeared and I was unsuccessful.
Video 3 (ADD State) https://streamable.com/ggh0v1

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