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Show Feedback Log Not Working in a Specific Template

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Google Doc with screenshotsI am linking a file that shows the following. When I create a simulation called 'Feedback Test' I can create performance notes and can show the notes in the Feedback log. However, in the simulation CHR Interview, when I go to show the feedback log, it says that it is pulling the feedback log from "Data hall simulation VR" which is not one of my simulations. Thanks. Jason~


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Hi Jason,

Thank you for your submission. Here is what we have found out.

First, the information on the Feedback Log saying Data hall simulation VR is just dummy data and is not in fact connecting to another simulation.

The method of causing this to occur appears to only be possible if you have no interactions in your simulation other than Voice Intent where the user uses only their voice to advance the simulation on Web. If you type in your response to the chat log this issue does not occur. If you add a display message, or any other type of interaction this also does not occur.

We missed this in our testing so thank you so much for bringing it to our attention. A fix to this issue will be released in version 1.48.27 which should be publicly available on 3/16.

Again, we greatly appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention.



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