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Issues in Hyperskill Experience Mode


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My simulations aren't loading in experience mode; they're stuck at module 6. Additionally, the web function isn't working properly—it turns blue after a few seconds of trying to interact with the simulation. I have already tried the steps Chris suggested for fixing a Hyperskill crash.

  1. Completely exit the Hyperskill application.
  2. Navigate to "C:/Users/prave/AppData/Local/Temp/SimInsights/"
  3. Look for a folder named 'HyperSkillDesktop' and delete it.
  4. Restart the Hyperskill application and try logging in again.

Can you please help me figure out what the issue is? I can't test my sims, and it's been a blocker for me for the past few days.

Here is the Desktop and Web link

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Hi Praveen, can you give me some insights on which simulations you are experiencing this with? Is it all simulations you launch or just specific ones? Are they ones that you made/own or those that have been shared with you?

For the web issue, it is behaving as if you hit the refresh button during the experience. I am unclear as to what this issue could be. If it is the same simulations as the ones you are experiencing the issues with in Desktop that would be useful information as we look further into this issue.

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