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Modifying Appearance of Private VOs


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When importing VOs (virtual objects) the appearance of the object may varying from its native condition depending on the import file type used (i.e. STL strips out all colour because the Stereo Lithography file is used for 3D printing typically and colour is a function of the resin used, I think). Is there a way to change the colouring of VOs once they have been imported into the Hyperskill environment, or is the user limited to the appearance that is imported based on the file type used? If so, what is the best file type to use when importing VOs into Hyperskill to retain the best appearance fidelity?  

This is a OBJ file for bio-safety cabinet purchased from Turbosquid... 


Here is the FBX version:



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We currently do not let users change the shader properties of uploaded objects. You can change the albedo image property of an object by turning the targeted area into a Display Monitor which will let you change the it to the specified image but it is not meant to be used that way.

The two types of uploads that contain the most information are .FBX, .GLB, and .OBJ. From how it was packaged it looks like your .OBJ file has external references to the materials rather than them being embedded which was a choice made by the creator of your object when it was packaged.

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As a matter of interest, I've had some success taking certain STL objects into 3DPaint and applying colours there. But this only works for some STL files and there is no way to mask various parts of the assemblies to prevent "overspray".

Here is the original STL file of a tuck tire taken from https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/heavy-truck-front-wheel :



Here is the outputted GLB file from 3DPaint. I used the "spray paint" coloring option in 3DPaint:


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